Instant Pot

“The “instant” in “instant pot” stole my heart.”Β 

I am not much of a cook – mostly because I don’t enjoy doing it! While hiring a full-time cook to take over this craptastic task isn’t in the budget, and neither is eating out for every meal, I rely on simple recipes with minimal prep. I joined the Instant Pot bandwagon in January and it has been awesome so far! I have not just cooked, but I have sautΓ©ed and roasted in it so far. Ooh Lala! Chef Jeri, at your service!

So, why does a person who hates to cook spend a pretty penny on a cooking appliance?

  • The “instant” in “instant pot” stole my heart.
  • A lot of RVers recommend it because it is a multi-function tool and that is always a plus when in a small space.
  • The oven in our RV is more like an EZ Bake oven and is very unpredictable.

So, I am no kitchenΒ connoisseur. Do not expect any “Recipes from Jeri’s Kitchen” showing up on here. I will be sharing recipes that other people have come up with, were simply enough that I didn’t screw it up, my family enjoyed it, and is worth sharing! If you have a good one that sounds like something I would like, please share!


Meatloaf and veggies



Chicken Breast


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