Our Journey

We are on the adventure of a lifetime! We are a family of six traveling the country full time in an RV! We left Kansas City in June 2018 in our Forest River Wildcat fifth-wheel after minimizing all our stuff (yes!), selling our house (gulp) and quitting our jobs (double gulp!). Our goal is to show our four kids the four corners of our amazing country! You can follow our adventures three ways – social media, here on our blog, or on YouTube!


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5 thoughts on “Our Journey

  1. Wow cool!

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  2. So wonderful. This world is so full of adventures and memories.


  3. I live in Dowagiac, Michigan 49047, in the SW part of the state. I have been following you all since the beginning. You would be more than welcome to camp at my lake house, here in Dowagiac, for free. You are a wonderful family and I would love for you to meet my daughter and my grandkids. If you would like, I could drive you all to the South Shore rail line, in South Bend, Indiana and you can take it to downtown Chicago. It would be much cheaper and safer, than to try and find something in or near the city.
    Please send me an email and I will give you my home/cell phone numbers, if you would be interested. I am a private person and am not looking for any publicity.


    1. Oh my gosh! Such a generous offer!!! We would love to, but we have already moved on. Our posts are just a little behind our travels. Hopefully we can catch you the next time we come through the area.
      Thanks again!


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