Wyoming – A Visual Story

Traveling through Wyoming in autumn, from east to west, is like reading a really good book. Or watching a good movie if that is more your speed. It comes on sort of slow but intriguing with it’s beautiful views of wide open spaces and hills dotted with animals and a variety of fall colors. You get hooked when Devil’s Tower makes its appearance and your fully invested in the story by the time you pass Boysen Lake and make it to the hot springs of Thermopolis. Talk about foreshadowing! It really starts to get good when the Grand Tetons are introduced. Jenny Lake, Mormon Row, Cunningham Cabin, and Jackson Hole make a great setting and the wildlife are the best of supporting characters. Then, Yellowstone. Talk about an exciting climax! Bubbling paint pots, mud volcanos, Dragon’s Mouth, waterfalls, geysers, huge canyons, and BEARS! Oh my! The beautiful drive out of the park, and out of the state, make a wonderful and satisfying conclusion to the story. It is truly a story better told in pictures so enjoy the slideshow below and these videos: Devils TowerHot SpingsBoondocking in the Tetons, Exploring the TetonsDay 1 in Yellowstone and Day 2 in Yellowstone!

(scroll down to the bottom for details on campgrounds and fees)

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Devils Tower ($20 to get in the park or free with the federal park pass)

DT Camping: Belle Fourche River Campground ($20/night dry camping, water available, no dump, it is inside the park)

Thermopolis Hot Springs State Park bathhouse (free)

THS Camping: Boysen Lake State Park ($17/night, dry camping lakeside)

Grand Tetons National Park ($35 to get in the park or free with the federal park pass)

GT Camping: Dispersed site Lower View (free for 14 days, water and dump at Signal  Mountain or in Jackson Hole)

Yellowstone National Park ($35 to get in the park or free with the federal park pass)

YS Camping: Grant Village: $31/night dry camping, water and dump available)

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