A King in Virginia and Putt Putt in D.C.!

Virginia and Washington DC (Check out the video here!)

Our week in Virginia was great! And it wasn’t just because we were driveway surfing with family (aka “moochdocking”), although that was a definite perk! It was also a great chance to regroup after our first week or so living in the RV full-time while spending with people we love!

Poor D got shots in preparation for travel into Canada!

We coined the term “chill day” while in VA. Up until we got there it was GO GO GO and we all needed a breather. I guess there is such a thing as too much fun! Here is the run down of what we did.


Kings Dominion

We cashed in our “Favorite Aunt and Uncle” points for free tickets to the amusement park, Kings Dominion where our nephew works in the summer. It was the girls’ firstKD C and Etime to ride roller coasters and all of us had a blast at the water park. There are also carnival games and singing and dancing pop-ups shows throughout the park. We ate lunch in the park (cha-ching) but inKD E and H hindsight I would pack a lunch and leave it in the car.  With a hand stamp we could have gone out to eat it and then re-entered the park and saved some dough!


Washington D.C. (about $10/person for the subway, $8 for parking at the station)

Washington Momument
The view across the National Mall from the Capital Building.

One of our must-dos whenever we are in the area is to spend a day in DC. We always drive to the closest Metro station and take the subway in. With the purchase of the Metro card and round trip fares it was $10 per person. We took it directly to the National Mall. Many people don’t know, but the Smithsonian is actually 17 museums! Eleven are located on the National Mall between the Washington Monument and the Capital Building (about a 40 minute walk between the two) and they are all FREE!!!! (The other 6 are in other locations and include the National Zoo – which is also free!) You can’t do

Putt Putt!
Nothing says “you’re old” like finding your first car (Putt Putt) in a museum! #itwasahandmedown #sofiared

 them all in one day, so if that is all the time you have then check out each museum online and make a list of exhibits you want to see ahead of time. Food is pricey and lines are long so pack a lunch! Selfie sticks and even our small Gorilla Pod are not allowed to be carried in the museums so have a small backpack with you so you can put them away. The most kid friendly museums, in our opinion, are the NaturalAir and Space Museum History Museum, American History Museum, and the Air and Space Museum. We have avoided the National Museum of Art ever since the “get your toddler off the 2,000 year old altar!” incident of 2007. I wish I could repress that memory.


 Virginia Beach ($22 for parking)

We spent a fun day playing in the water at the Virginia Beach Boardwalk – despite me stupidly clicking on the news article about the great white shark sightings there the week before. OMG. We parked in a parking garage near the impressive King Neptune statue. King Neptune We took the obligatory pictures and then headed to the water. After swimming, a picnic lunch, sand castle building, moat digging, and seagull chasing we walked along the Boardwalk and checked out some surf shops. When the kids are passed out before you get out of the parking lot you know it was a good day!

Boys in the Water Commanding

What do we want to see next time? Tour of Guantanimo, Jamestown, the National Zoo.

Tolkien Sign
Found this at a truck stop Denny’s in VA 😃
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