3 weeks into RV living and here are the things we have learned…

Inside the camper:

  • Command Hooks are the cat’s meow. Actually, the hooks, velcro strips, poster strips… meow meow meow.
  • Suction cups stick to almost nothing.
  • Soft sided storage boxes are super handy!
  • Storage ottomans: they are quintuple purpose! THAT IS 5 (I had to look up what came after quadruple)! They serve as ottomans (duh), storage, seating, small tables, and step stools! We bought one for each person to keep their “special” stuff in. One of Jeri’s more genius ideas! The ones we got were from IKEA and have metal frames with fabric sides. Lightweight but sturdy!
  • The shampoo, conditioner, and soap dispenser for the shower was a good find! It eliminates all the bottles on the floor of the tub. Our particular one came with a broken pump so we don’t know that we would recommend the brand but we do recommend the product!
  • A good shower head is a wondrous thing. When in an RV, if you ever plan to dry camp, make sure to get one with a shutoff for those luxurious Navy showers!
  • WiFi extender: with the NetGear n1200 WiFi Extender we were able to accomplish two things, we can run multiple devices without slowing the internet down (well, you know, as much) and we were able to create our own password secured WiFi connection.
  • Find a small tub/bucket that fits inside the kitchen sink – this helps conserve fresh water as well as grey tank space. The tub fills up while you do dishes. The water can then be repurposed for flushing toilets or can be poured outside to water the plants. I am also thinking their must be more uses – anyone have some ideas?
  • Stackable mugs help save space!
  • An infrared temp gun: we might just be dorks, but we have used this daily as we are getting used to our camper. Monitoring the temperature in each room and adjusting vents to make sure everywhere is just warm enough 🙂
  • Laundry: we have a love-hate relationship with the laundry mat. It is not a fun place to be. If we ever open one it will have some TV’s, a shelf stocked with books and board games, and a jungle gym outside. People will pay an extra quarter per load for those accommodations, of that we are sure. On the other hand, all our laundry is done in just under 1 1/2 hours. That’s not too shabby.
    • We never appreciated quarters nearly as much as they deserve.
    • Laundry is now a line in our monthly budget. With 6 people, this is no joke!
  • Screens for your drains are a must!
  • Little bins that fit your refrigerator help to contain your cold stuff.  Especially when you’re cruising down the highway.
  • Being able to get dressed in your bedroom without hitting your elbow on the wall is something we will never again take for granted.
  • We only brought about 1/8 of our kids’ stuff and they miss NOTHING.

Outside the camper:

Kid input! Best part of RV living:

Our 12 year old  says, “the proximity to food no matter where you are in the camper.” He never stops eating! LOL!



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