Living It!

Well, we did it! We sold our house and we bought a camper! We are currently on our 3rd week in our 2013 Wildwood 31QBTS. We nicknamed her Periwinkle, PW for short. If you watch our walk-thru on YouTube Mike explains why. We found PW down at a dealer in Southern Missouri. We were not impressed with the dealership, but this model was too perfect for our family to pass up! Mike and I recorded a walk through – see it here:

It was bitter sweet saying good-bye to the house. We are so excited to do what we are doing, but it was still tough. As a parent, it is hard to tell your kids that they will not only not have their own room anymore, but they will be sharing a small room with three siblings! It was tough to leave our awesome neighbors, even though we aren’t going far and we know we will see them again soon. It will just be harder to see them and our kids will miss having easy access to their friends. We made this decision and our kids are along for the ride. We KNOW we are going to give them an amazing, and likely once-in-a-lifetime experience but we also know we aren’t giving them a choice about it! Thankfully our kids are positive, happy, and resilient people who are willing to humor their mom and dad!

As for RV living, it has been good! An adjustment for sure, but fun. Figuring out where things go, cooking with gas, no washer and dryer, a tiny fridge, little oven, small closets, small everything. Emptying tanks, military showers, no dishwasher! Ahh! On the flip side, I can clean our entire home in like 15 minutes! The kids are interacting with each other and with us a lot more, our cost of living is CHEAP, and it is hard to misplace things in like 250 square feet! If it wasn’t winter, and if there was a campground closer to our work and schools, I would be more than happy to call PW our permanent home. We have a week here and then we will spend our remaining 6 months in KC in an apartment by our old house.  It will cost more than we wanted to spend each month, but it checks every other box for us. The kids can go to the same schools, they were willing to do a short term 6-month lease and it is close to friends. We had to be out of our house at the beginning of November and the apartment wasn’t available until December so we stepped up our search for a camper and here we are! I am glad we are learning the ropes with PW while we are in town and have resources and time on our side. There have been a few,  but very minor issues that Mike has been able to fix quickly so when it is time to hit the road we will feel confident that the camper is in good, working order. All 6 of us are getting a taste of the RV life and I think that will make the whole experience of doing this full-time less intimidating. I am getting excited and am thinking the next 6 months are going to DRAG!

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