Sold! Now what?!

We are about 6 weeks into our decision to do whatever we can to travel full time for at least one year after school gets out in May. In the past 6 weeks we have purged (and then purged again) every room, cabinet, drawer, bookshelf, box, and storage tub we have in our house. We have easily reduced our stuff by 1/3 – maybe more. We did minor (Jeri) and major (Mike) repairs and upgrades to the house – listed it – and SOLD THE HOUSE! So now the clock is ticking… as of right now we have 38 days to move. We are looking for places close by so the kids can go to the same schools and we are obviously looking to not spend more than our mortgage payment is (harder than you would think!). We are also hoping to charm our way into a shorter lease than the average bear. 12 months isn’t going to cut it when we are wanting to leave in 8! As a teacher I have my pay spaced out over 12 months so I get paid through August. It would be awesome to be getting my regular paycheck for the first three travel months! I mean, like, totally awesome.

I decided this morning that I am going to make a list of the kitchen “essentials” we will need in the RV and we are going to try and use only those while we are in the rental. I am hoping that by doing that we can figure out what actually are the essentials while our stuff is still just in a box in the garage and not when we are 1,000 miles away from it! I would rather dig something out now than buy a second one while we are the road! Seriously, why do I have three 9×13 baking dishes?

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