Journey to our journey

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It is July of 2017 and we finally made the decision! We WILL be traveling and RV living full time next summer! We aren’t quite sure how we are going to pull it off but we are going to give it our best go. To get to that phase of our lives we have a ways to go. Here is the short list of things to be done before we hit the road….

  • Complete the 2017-2018 next school year. Jeri is a 5th grade teacher and we have three school age kids so the school calendar is THE calendar around here!
  • Sell the house. We decided that for our family this was a better option than to keep it and rent it out. The equity would help with the trailer purchase and reducing our debt and we don’t want to mess with trying to manage property while on the road.
  • Buy a travel trailer!
  • Figure out a travel budget and income options.
  • Get educated on homeschooling.

Naturally, the short to do list leads to the long to-do list. Every bullet point above is easily followed by 100 small things that need to be done before we can check it off. This, in itself, is a journey. Come along with us and learn from our mistakes, get inspired to do the same, give us some advice, and, hopefully, cheer us on as we go on this adventure!

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