Our house if for sale!

We just made the first official GIGANTOR step to full-time travel. We are selling our stick and brick home! We still have nine months before we hit the road, but this was a necessary step to getting there.

Why not rent it out? Two reasons. One, it financially makes more sense for us. We don’t want to start our journey with any debt to lug around. Selling our home eliminates our debt and puts a cushion in our bank account for expenses like, you know, a travel trailer! Two, we have never managed rental property before and we just don’t know what all it entails. Since we will be, not just out of town, but in and out of cell phone and WiFi reception I don’t think we would be very good landlords. Paying for a management company could be an option but then the rental wouldn’t be much of a source of income for us, we would potentially have to deal with a mortgage payment and home repairs if we have a bad renter, and, quite frankly, it sounds like unneeded stress. So, we chose to list it.

So… where are we going to live until May? We are looking into any option possible that keeps us in the same school boundaries we are in now. We LOVE our kids’ schools and we don’t want to make the kids have to transition to new schools and then transition again to homeschooling all in 12 months. Mom guilt is a real thing as we go through this process and make this change. That will be a whole other post! We are looking at rental houses or apartments in the area. We have some contenders but none of them are perfect. They either require a 12 month lease (that is a tough one), are in one schools boundary but not the other, lack parking, or the value doesn’t match the price. Once the house is under contract we will make those decisions. One step at a time!

Getting ready to sell has been exhausting but liberating! We have embraced the idea of minimizing and had already begun the process of purging all the things that don’t bring us joy – we just kicked it into high gear over the last month! Read about that here. Mike did home repairs and upgrades while I sorted through stuff and cleaned. We are sitting on our couch right now on a cold, rainy Sunday marveling at the fact that for the first time in forever we have “nothing to do” in the house. Between staging for pictures last week and going live with the listing three days ago we have been staying on top of cleaning the house as we go, keeping the laundry baskets empty, and maintaining the yard. Now that we have a minute to breathe, I can finally start blogging about it all!

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